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I’m so fucking down with people playing with my feelings. Like people think it’s okay to just get me attached and then leave, stop talking to me. Saying they want to be friends, yet treat me like a stranger. Sorry I want to continue talking to you, sorry I can’t stop liking you. You’re obviously doing fine with out me though, being able to not have a conversation with me, not even opening my messages. I know you see my message, I know it’s right there, unopened just sitting here giving you one notification. Sorry I’m so easy to ignore. You want to be friends? since when was ignoring and being inconsiderate being a good friend? I didn’t leave you one bit, and you just left. Out. I’m so sick of people, I care for people to fucking much. I care for how people feel to fucking much, when is it my turn to care for myself? I never do, and put aside my feelings for other people. Well where the fuck are you when I need someone. Ikfhgjrkghrkeg I hate feelings I hate getting attached, I hate everything about it, but at the same time, I can’t do anything about it either. I can’t stop my feelings, cause they have their own mind. I fuqing hate people sometimes. You. yeah I like you, but if you continue being an asshole don’t expect me to stay around much longer, feeling wise and friend wise at the way you are treating me. I’m not gonna put up with it, I need to think about me.


this is really unorganized thoughts. lol.

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There’s nothing special about me.

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I give up.

People are stupid. Feelings are stupid. This generation is stupid. This world is stupid. Everything is stupid. 

Turn my main tumblr into a picture/reblog blog. Any written post are under “thoughts” hashtagged as “ohaaai” ok.

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I just wish you noticed me.

Because I like you. 

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I’ve always wonder what people would say once I disappeared. What people who dislike me say, what people who like me would say, all the fake people, what would they say. I’d just love to pretend to be dead for a day, and see what everyone has to say once I’m “gone”.

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Plans with the future boyfriend

  • Bake cupcakes and cookies
  • or just cook in general some yummy ass food
  • Take cute & ugly pictures/videos together
  • Have a Disney movie marathon 
  • Have a horror movie marathon 
  • Go to the carnival or stampede together
  • Match and shit
  • Write letters gjkjtrgmntrge
  • Play 1 vs 1 on something (soccer, basketball, etc)
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"Forever and Always" is just bullshit.

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I’m sorry I make mistakes. I’m sorry I keep making mistakes.

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Memories always get me.


After a break up, or the end of things I think looking back at the memories is the most painful thing. It’s just looking back on all the good times you had together and then wonder where it all went wrong. It’s seeing all the amazing conversations that brought us together, and all the time we spent on each other that makes everything so painful to let go, and even consider that we won’t have the anymore. It’s the memories that make letting go so painful and hard.

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I wish you were still my best friend.


Things changed.

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Everything between you and me is now just history.

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If you’re going to ignore me, at least have a reason.


At least tell me before I try to hit you up, try to start the conversation, try to communicate with you and make myself look stupid. At least be able to respond once or twice telling me you don’t want to talk, instead of doing other things that I clearly see you’re not busy. Seriously, I’m here waiting for your response that you probably won’t even give. Thanks. 

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I notice the little things.

I notice someones small gestures when they try to comfort you, or someone who just tries to do something nice but might not be successful. I notice when conversations change and the little things that change it. I notice a lot of little things, and in the end those little things have a big impact, all the time.

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Communication fades, feelings change.

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